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2024 Selection Trials for International Junior Team Competitions

Dear All,

The selection trials for the upcoming competitions are scheduled to take place soon. These events have the potential to occur in 2024 and include:

  1. 2024 World Junior Team Tennis Boys & Girls
  2. 2024 Junior Billie Jean King Cup (Previously known as Junior Fed Cup)
  3. 2024 Junior Davis Cup
  4. 2024 ITF 12&Under Team Competition

Details of the trials can be found below:

Date: 14 October - 22 October 2023
Venue: Kallang Tennis Centre
Daily Start Time: 8 AM (TBC)

Eligibility & Selection Criteria, Selection Methodology

  • Please click HERE for Eligibility & Selection Criteria.

  • Please click HERE for the Selection Methodology that will be utilised in Criteria #3 of the selection.

Criteria #1 & #2

Players who meet the requirements in these two (2) criteria will receive an email in due course.

Criteria #3
Application for Selection Trial is currently open, and the deadline is on Friday, 29 September 2023, at 12 Noon.

Application has CLOSED for the 2024 ITF 12&Under Team Competition application form.

Application has CLOSED for the 2024 World Junior Team Tennis Boys & Girls application form.

Application has CLOSED for the 2024 Junior Billie Jean King Cup & Junior Davis Cup application form.

Thank you.

Extreme Weather Rule

Dear all in line with the recent heat stess advisory, we would like to bring to your attenion the extreme weather rule as stated in the ITF rules:

Extreme Heat Condition: Modification of Play
Extreme Heat Condition: Modification of Play criterion is defined as when the Web-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) on court meets or exceeds 30.1°C (86.2°F).

*Play will be modifed in accordance to the ITF rules when this confition is met.

Extreme Heat Condition: Suspension of Play
Extreme Heat Condition: Suspension of Play criterion is defined as when the WBGT on court meets or exceeds 32.2°C (90.0°F).

*Should the above condition be met, the refree will supsend the matches till a time suitable to resume.



The Singapore Tennis Association (“STA”) is committed to providing a safe, diverse, and equitable environment to all members of the tennis community in Singapore. This ensures that everyone, at all levels of the sport, continues to have a positive experience in tennis. This Statement sets out the STA’s standards and expectations of everyone involved in its activities.

The STA does not condone and takes a zero tolerance approach to any form of violence, aggression, abuse, misconduct, harassment (occurring in combination or isolation) including (without limitation) the following, whether deliberate, unintentional, unsolicited or coercive:
• Sexual misconduct (e.g. sexual communication, harassment)
• Psychological and physical misconduct (e.g. bullying, hazing)
• Other inappropriate conduct (e.g. wilful tolerance, grooming)
• Misconduct relating to the Safe Sport Unified Code (e.g. false reporting, retaliation, abuse of process)
• Unwanted, unwelcome or offensive conduct of any nature relating to age, gender, sexual orientation, status, race, colour, ethnicity, disability, attributes, religion or athletic ability
• Verbal abuse
• Physical abuse
• Negative or malicious comments
• Offensive gestures
• Intimidation
• Discrimination
• Stalking
• Retaliation

Our zero tolerance stance applies to the STA and all in the tennis community (each, a “Participant”), including without limitation administrators, employees, coaches, officials, volunteers, athletes, trainees and/or their parents, and is irrespective of whether such inappropriate behaviour occurs in the sporting environment (e.g. training) or outside the sporting environment (and online) between participants in sport.

Our approach is consistent with Sport SG’s Safe Sport Programme to tackle misconduct in the athletic environment. Click here to find out more about Safe Sport. In addition, aspects of behaviour identified above are addressed in legislation including the Penal Code, Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act and soon-to-be enacted Maintenance of Racial Harmony Act.

Each Participant has the responsibility to be familiar with this Statement and, by virtue of being a Participant, has expressly agreed to and be bound by this Statement, including its applicable policies and procedures. In the event that the STA determines in its sole discretion that any Participant has breached this Statement, the STA shall take disciplinary action against the Participant as it deems appropriate (including without limitation employment termination, expulsion from the STA program, warning, reprimand, public apology, imposing a financial penalty or a combination of one or more measures). The STA’s decision will be final and binding on the Participant. 

This Statement may be revised or supplemented by the STA as necessary. Each Participant is required to apprise himself/herself of the latest version.

Please click here to download the Safe Sport Statement.

ITF World Tennis Number is here..... Play Locally, Compare Globally. #GameOn

To find out more, visit the link below
ITF World Tennis Number

21 OctSTA Intermediate Singles & Doubles V 2023
28 OctATF 14&U ActiveSG Cup Singapore (III) 2023
27 OctSTA SPEX/Tanglin Academy U10 Girls Competition IV 2023
04 NovSTA Inter-Club Doubles Knockout 2023
04 NovSTA Open Singles, Doubles & Masters/Classics V 2023



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