STA NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course

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To be eligible for the STA NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course, candidates have to:

  1. be at least 18 years old;
  2. attain at least 245 points at the STA Skills Assessment Course;


The skills assessment is conducted to see if applicants have the necessary technical skill to demonstrate the basic strokes of tennis (as stated below) with the correct technique. Applicants are also tested on their playing ability.

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STA requests all candidates to be present on-site regardless of weather conditions on the assessment date. If the Skills Assessment has to be postponed due to inclement weather, it will be finalized and announced on-site. Candidates who fail to turn up will be considered absent, and will have to make a fresh application for the next Skills Assessment.

  Duration 1 Day (evening session)
  Assessment Fee

Singaporeans - SGD$38.00 (after subsidy from STA) 
Permanent Resident - SGD$57.00
Non-Singaporeans - SGD$75.00

  Application Form Skill Assessment - Info Sheet
Skill Assessment - Application Form


The Instructor Coaching Course is held over 6 days which takes place thrice a week. It is a preparation course to equip candidates with the relevant skills and techniques for the NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course and to coach mini tennis. Those who attained 140-244 points  for their Skills Assessment can opt to join this course and then proceed directly into the NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course. Candidates attaining 245-430 points are also encouraged to take up the course so that they can be better prepared for the NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course .

The course will cover

1) Fundamentals of Tennis

2) Techniques of Feeding

  • Basket Feeding
  • Rally Feeding (Volleys & Ground Strokes)

3) Simple Diagnosis & Corrections

  • How to Diagnose
  • How to Correct

4) Technique of 3 main strokes

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Serve

5) Organisation of Tennis Lesson

  • Structuring a class for Group Lessons
  • Structuring a class for Individual Lessons
  • Structuring a class for School Lessons

TBC (6 days)

Thrice weekly on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  Course Fee

Singapore Citizens - SGD$ 412.00
Permanent Resident of Singapore - SGD$ 619.00
Non-Singaporean - SGD $ 824.00

  Application Form

Instructor Info Sheet
Instructor Application Form 

















The NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course is structured according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level 1 Syllabus.

Those who attained 245-430 points for their Skills Assessment can join this course

The course will cover

  • The Basic Tennis Strokes
  • Introduction to the Level 1 Course
  • The Role of the Coach
  • Singles and Doubles Tactics
  • Feeding: Demonstrations
  • Simple Diagnosis and Correction Techniques
  • Elements of a Typical Lesson / Safety
  • Teaching Formations for Group Lessons / Safety
  • How to Introduce the Basic Strokes to a Group of Beginners
  • Demonstration test (first try)
  • Coaching Children and Young People in Tennis
  • Drills / Practices (Groups)
  • Rules of Tennis
  • How to organize a tournament
  • Individual teaching practice
  • Spin
  • Fitness Training
  • Group Teaching Practice
  • Tennis Drills / Practice with Juniors
  • Written test
  • Individual lesson test
  • Group lesson test
  • Demonstration test


August (Approx. 1 month)
Thrice-weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(Final practical test is on Saturday/Sunday)

  Course Fee

Singaporeans (after subsidy from STA) - SGD$ 803.00
Permanent Residents of Singapore - SGD$ 1,204.00
Non-Singaporeans - SGD$ 1,605.00

Inclusive of a set of 3 manuals to be collected from the STA office prior to the commencement of the course.

  Application Form

NCAP Level 1 Technical - Info Sheet
NCAP Level 1 Technical - Application Form


**Practical Training: All participants who pass the NCAP Level 1 Technical Coaching Course must acquire 72 hours of practical coaching experience with the STA SPEX Junior Tennis Scheme, or any other program assigned by the STA, before their NCAP Level 1 Technical Certificate will be issued to them. No service fee will be paid during the practical training. The practical training has to be completed within one (1) year from the date of passing


Please contact us at 6295 2283 or if you have further enquiries.



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